Saturday, September 12, 2009

Religious Documentary Film "Parivaar Vichhoda" Editing Work Start

Hello Friends,

In these days i am doing work on a religious documentary project "Parivaar Vichhora". It is based on sikhisam history.. Its writer is Mr. Jaswinder Chhinda & Directed By Sukhjinder Shera. I'll have to complete this job in one week.

Info About It:
Commentary: Jaswinder
Music: Paramjit Pamma & Ashok Pandit
Writer: Jaswinder Chhinda
Camera: Kuldeep Parmar
Editor: Regan Dadu
Director: Sukhjinder Shera
Asst. Camera: Kuldeep Sidhu & Parminder Singh
Asst. Editor: Ajay Bansal
Asst. Director: Jaswinder Chhinda
Regan Dadu
(VFX Artist, Editor & Director)
Cell No. +9198724-49877
email: , , ,

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